Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Redbull/paranormal activity/tapes/wtf?!

My roommate just got home from seeing paranormal activity. apparently shit was mad scary, we're sleeping with the lights on tonight...I'm thrilled. dude is seriously bugging. never seen him like this.

This kid, Nick, on my floor told me about this Red bull contest where they're hiding Red Bull around cities and college campuses and stuff. and leaving cryptic clues. I thought it was bull shit but there I was, Monday night wandering around city streets and low and behold I found myself a case of "energy shots". I guess if you're interested click this Jawn to type in your own shit. find yourself some liver killing shitty drinks. It was kinda fun.

I took one of the shots today, ya know to see if they worked. if the effect is to make me jitter and shake - mission accomplished. shit sucks.

Scott and I finished making the tapes. all thats left to do is wait for the labels to come in the mail and to actually record the three songs that're going on it. I'm nailing down the dates on the weekend tour. hope it comes together.

Can't decide if I'm getting wasted friday or coming home early to get ready for the halloween show

Sunday, October 25, 2009

insert home COMING pun here.

Yo what the fuck. this weekend was nuts. Friday night was typical. go out get wasted, EXCEPT the party gets busted. holy shit - problems right? not quite, the lovely men of the Philadelphia Police Department let me walk briskly out the door, drunk off my ass to drink another day. shit was wicked cool, dudes seemed like all they wanted was a beer. can't blame 'em. fuckin' up minorities days leaves ya mad thirsty I'd assume..

whatsherface dragged me to homecoming this Saturday, shit was beat to say the least. hate that stuff. last time I was in that school, I was hungover and all I wanted was my diploma. which after paying my bullshit fines I got. No one recognised me. (save like three people.) It was interesting though, I got to view the experience from the eyes of an outsider. Glad that was over though. Another late night Ham fam sesh with Manescu after that, god I love my best friend. Wonder if he reads this?

I got to see MareKait earlier today, that was awesome. She's having a lot of fun at Pitt and that makes me really happy to see her doing well. I miss her and everyone else, I can't wait to see them all over thanksgiving break.

Spent the last two hours of my life in the Tech Center making the cover for the cw tape.http://i35.tinypic.com/2ic8che.jpg
Get Stoked or something.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Drink till you pass out-friday.

Another friday, seems I'm surviving this week alright. Had band practice today, weezer covers are coming together, plus we've been banging away with our originals trying to get everything ready for the 2 hours of studio time we've booked, haha gotta get that tour tape done. Going to pick up the T-shirts and make the tapes over the weekend hopefully.

Here are some pictures I took on my cell phone of the crowds on broad street around temple after the Phillies won the pennant.
Nothing but jubilation and seas of Phillies gear. chants of "let's go philles" and "yankees suck" could be heard all the way down broad.
You can see the riot police holding people back from rushing to city hall.
He fought the law and the law won.
I've never seen Broad street this empty after they blocked it off. total silence. some serious I am Legend shit.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Delaying math homework due at 12AM

I got up at a reasonable time today. around 830, but I stayed in bed till 10 watching TV. it's whatever though. not the worst start.

Phillies are 9-3 right now. I can see the police setting up barracades outside my windows. they're all out in full riot gear. this is gonna be damn exciting in about 30 minutes, or heartbreaking. I dunno.

Scott and I started taking pictures for the cover of the christopherwalken tape that we're releasing for our November tour we're calling it "winter songs" because thats the basic theme of them. I'm really stoked about them. they're really tight.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The heat wont turn on

First post. shit's gonna be rough. Life's cold in this dorm, at a constant 61 degrees since august. who knows if I'll actually write in this thing for very long. Octobers already 20 days old, god the time flies when I sometimes go to class.

November should be cold and fun. a lot to look forward too. stoked I can still drive. hope the mechanic says my car can do the same.

This weeks resolution: talk to no one, let them come to me.
Next weeks resolution: maybe go to philosophy for once.