Friday, October 23, 2009

Drink till you pass out-friday.

Another friday, seems I'm surviving this week alright. Had band practice today, weezer covers are coming together, plus we've been banging away with our originals trying to get everything ready for the 2 hours of studio time we've booked, haha gotta get that tour tape done. Going to pick up the T-shirts and make the tapes over the weekend hopefully.

Here are some pictures I took on my cell phone of the crowds on broad street around temple after the Phillies won the pennant.
Nothing but jubilation and seas of Phillies gear. chants of "let's go philles" and "yankees suck" could be heard all the way down broad.
You can see the riot police holding people back from rushing to city hall.
He fought the law and the law won.
I've never seen Broad street this empty after they blocked it off. total silence. some serious I am Legend shit.

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