Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Redbull/paranormal activity/tapes/wtf?!

My roommate just got home from seeing paranormal activity. apparently shit was mad scary, we're sleeping with the lights on tonight...I'm thrilled. dude is seriously bugging. never seen him like this.

This kid, Nick, on my floor told me about this Red bull contest where they're hiding Red Bull around cities and college campuses and stuff. and leaving cryptic clues. I thought it was bull shit but there I was, Monday night wandering around city streets and low and behold I found myself a case of "energy shots". I guess if you're interested click this Jawn to type in your own shit. find yourself some liver killing shitty drinks. It was kinda fun.

I took one of the shots today, ya know to see if they worked. if the effect is to make me jitter and shake - mission accomplished. shit sucks.

Scott and I finished making the tapes. all thats left to do is wait for the labels to come in the mail and to actually record the three songs that're going on it. I'm nailing down the dates on the weekend tour. hope it comes together.

Can't decide if I'm getting wasted friday or coming home early to get ready for the halloween show

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