Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinosaurs died quite a while ago

I went to an Algernon Show tuesday. had the weirdest conversations with people, think I made friends. I guess its easier when one of us is drunk. I think thats good, I'm really confused about that night, but there was a lot of hugs and high fives. It was a release show for this new tape featuring like 26 "exstended family and friends" in the local scene, its really neat. I'm listening to it now and its a lot of fun. Pick it up if you get the chance. makes me really stoked that christopherwalken's tape is coming out. The deadline is killing me. but I'll get this done. I'm trying to do everything i did wrong in my other bands right. starting with merch and recording.
Lie #1. its really not always sunny in Philadelphia, its absolutely terrible outside, I hate it. makes me sleep all day, want to die at night. oh well, november is never fun.

I dunno how but I got some girl to agree to drive my band down to delaware for a show so we officially have transportation to all the dates.

Recently my friends boyfriend dumped her. I can only assume for someone else he's been spending an outrageous amount of time with. Weed fucks up life sometimes. Such a bummer.

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